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Portuguese Man o' War

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2017: HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Primary Colours category and shortlisted in the Wildlife, Sealife category.
A few months earlier, The judges of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards commended this picture of mine as top 50 in the world in the awards’ Open Wildlife category.
Often incorrectly defined as jellyfish, the Portuguese Man o' War is a siphonophore - a colonial organism. Their tentacles can deliver very painful stings, while the bell is completely harmless. I took this shot while the Man-o-war was floating at the water surface a few miles off the south coast of Pico Island (Azores, Portugal). Later on, at home, I looked at the picture and realised, much to my surprise, that I got a shot with a very abstract mood from a 100% real photograph. Very calm seas and smooth wavelets led to the totally unexpected reflections.
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