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Volcano of Capelinhos and Lighthouse

Here you see the volcano of Capelinhos and the ruined lighthouse next to it. Located in the mid-Atlantic, on the western side of Faial island in the Azores (Portugal), the volcano last erupted in 1957-1958, for 13 months in a row. The natural catastrophe started with a submarine eruption and then involved lava bombs, pyroclastic clouds as well as lava streaming into the ocean. Although there were no casualties, thousands of people had to leave their homes. In 1958 the United States of America helped through the so called Azorean Refugee Act, by authorising the emigration of 1500 people. Among the Congressmen sponsoring the act was a young Senator of Massachusetts named John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The first floor of the lighthouse is still completely buried in ashes and sand.

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