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Every winter I spend a week in the Alps and I simply love Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino, Italy). Dolomites are my favourite!

For two years in a row I happened to stay at Hotel Europa. It is a very cosy hotel, the staff is super friendly and the food is simply excellent. Furthermore, very important for us, they have no problem taking us as a family of four: my wife Dania, myself, my not-so-small dog Coda and my pussycat Alya.

We became friends with the lovely owners and, because of that, one day I planned and took the shot you see above, which I offered them as a present.

On the right hand side of the picture, in the background, you can see the lights of the 3Tre ski slope, where the Audi FIS World Cup Night Slalom takes place every year.

I love the snow and the fairy tale mood of Christmas time in the mountains. I do also very much like the lights and decorations. I loved all this as a child and I still love it as a grown up!

How did I take this picture? I bracketed my shots in order  to cover the entire dynamic range of the scene (-2, 0, +2 stops). Then I used an HDR software (Photomatix Pro) to get the (almost) final image. 

Just to be clear, I did not shoot the entire hotel and I did not make any money out of it. I am writing good things about Hotel Europa as a happy customer, because I really had a good time there. You can find their website here.

To be completely honest with you, I actually did make a little bit of money from my stay in Madonna di Campiglio. The picture below is one of my best selling images as a print and received an editor's pick on GuruShots.
Guess what? I took it from the balcony of my room at Hotel Europa!

Taken from the balcony of my room at Hotel Europa

You can learn more about Hotel Europa on Facebook. Their profile picture will probably look familiar to you by now!

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